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Disuse atrophy

Disuse atrophy will occur everywhere of your bodies.

Background knowledge

Background knowledge helps me to read foreign books.
Reading foreign books may be hard without It.

never give up

One year passed baby has learned 365(+alpha)days education from it's mother.
It means, huge amount of language input is necessary to get any foreign language.
I'm not young.I don't have enough time to learn English.
Can I become good at English as same as the baby?
It is quite questionable.
If I stop learning,It will be imposible!



I feel no easy way exists to be good at foreign language.
you can use mother language freely, but you couldn't use it when you were baby.
A baby one year passed from birth has listened from it's mother for 365 days.
365 days mean 8760 hours.
If you learn foreign language one hour a day, you must learn through 24 years!
It's too long. I am 61 y.o. 61+24=85!

good memory

I am worring I don't have good memory.
I have lost my keys or cellphone frequently.
"Where is the key?", I say sometime.
I am used to forgetting where I put the key before.
I should decide the place keeping key and anythings.
If I put anything on another place, I would not able to find these things.
Do you have good memory?


Do you know ”Hallo Talk”?

Do you know ”Hallo Talk”?
This is one of smart phone app, for language change.
If you write English sentence with some error, kind people correct it. Of course you can correct their wrong Japanese.

I have been belong to this app lately, my nick name is "syoball".

You are working for foreign company.
I strongly recomend you to subscrive to this app!

I can live without English.

I am struggling to make reading time.
I'm living in Japanese, so I can live without English.
I worry about this may make me bad student.
I heard extensive reading is effective,so I am attempt to read many English books lately.
But there is not enough time for reading books.
I hope I could make more chance among busy days!



I met a mother with her baby.
It said 'AMPAMMAN,AMPAMMAN・・・'repeetedly.
It teached me repeeting was important to learln new language.


I and my daughter removed hard ice from stairs in front of main entrance.

Ice layer was very hard and tough to remove.

We needed big amount of boiled water and heavy sharp hammer.

It took 2 hours.

It gave me dull back pain.

no caption is

"Oxford English Daily Conversation" is a short movie on internet.
Today I viewed it with captin written by English.
During viewing this, I felt if no caption is easier than with caption.
It is rare feeling to me. I don't know what does it mean.
I wish my listening was improved.

trouble list

##trouble list of me##
1) left knee joint pain : improved.
2) neck pain : improved.
3) left finger joint trouble: post surgical.
4) gout : silent.
5) arythmia: improved.
6) hypertension :controling with drug.
7) sleep apnea : helped by CPAP.
8) obesity : bad control.
9) alcohol : good friend
10) hyperlipidemia : not improved.

I am so healthy! isn't it ?

My doughter is cooking

It is 6:30 PM.
I am in my room on 2th floor of my house.
From 1th floor, good smel is comming up.
My doughter is cooking the dinner today.
So I missed cooking chance today.
But I 'm happy very much.

Extensive reading

I heared extensive reading is good drill for English beginner.
So I went to big book store and bought a lot of easy English books.
Somebooks are fun but others are not fun.

relationship between core and whole

English & computer language: core → whole
Japanese: whole → core
Arts: whole ←→core

wordless communication

I wish I could transport meanings without speaking.
Actualy,it is unable for any people at all. this is sad.
Music,art,sports,and so on:these may have common something among the all people. I think COOKING is one fo these group also.

The second language

My 1st language is Japanese of course.
2nd language is ・・・・COOKING.
3rd language is English.

wire removal plan

I have been surgically operated into my left hand a week ago.
I'll be removed surgical fine wires from my left palm skin, in afternoon today.
It is happy to me.

Risk factors of PVCs

Risk factors
The following stimulants, conditions and triggers may increase your risk of premature ventricular contractions:

Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Underlying heart disease, including congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart failure and a weakened heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)

#I have meny risk factot!

1000 English phreses through earphone

In the meantime, I have been hearing simple 1000 English phreses through earphone every day.

This morning, my wife asked me,"What are you hearing to?". I told her,"I'm hearing simple English phreses, they are very easy".

"Try it." I put her my earphone. She said,"I can't understand these Enlish at all!".

I thought this learnning drill has been working pretty good!.

Chest dyscomfort has been reduced, but still exists

I have arythmia due to PVCs since last December.

Chest dyscomfort has been reduced, but still exists.

Heart doctor recomended me to get off weight and to controll the blood pressure.

He said aerobic exercize is not bad.

After finger joint surgery, five days passed.

After finger joint surgery, five days passed.
When cooking or taking bath, I had to protect wound.
I put on cotton glove for mechanical shock absorbing.
I put on rubber glove for waterproof over cotton glove.
No problem has happened yet. It is lucky to me.

PVC (normal heart)


Most patients with PVCs and otherwise normal heart function, a normal EKG and echo don’t need treatment, other than perhaps a beta blocker to reduce their frequency, and are thus perfectly safe to exercise.


English word and Kanji

I heard a questionable method to realize English word immediately.

・・・・・"See English word as Knaji"・・・・・・・

I don't understand that at all.

I have found good expression in "Robinsoncruso"

I have found good expression in "Robinsoncruso"

・・・・・all bad things come with something good in them

IT item

Bluetooth earphone makes it easy to listen simple English phrases in my spare time.

This item and a smartphone are a very convenient couple.

cooking is

I think cooking is art,magic,science,and love.

I am training to read English.

I am training to read English.
"Robinson Crusoe" is a novel written by easy English.
It is fun to read.
It is not silly sentences but very charming.

"Hellotalk" upload trouble.

I can't upload my scription to "Moment" of Hellotalk from yesterday.

I sent help-me mail to that's stuff.


Mother language helps to understand what it is around us.
Language is item to understand everything in the world.
It is as same as coding for computer programming.
For us, "understand" means code matching.
Different code dose't work correctly.

I watched a Youtube yesterday.

I watched a Youtube yesterday.
An american people reported japanese "ONSEN" in the video.
He spoke very fast English,so Ican't hear his words at all.
But, I can understand how he fun "ONSEN" very much.
Did my knowledge of "ONSEN" and his facial expression effect?
Are they exchangeable "code" instead of human language?

I think languages are virtual world.

I think languages are virtual world.
You can express something in your mother language.
If same thing is coded by another language,
you can't understand it at all.
But,it exist around you really.
Of course real world is more important than coded world.
Noman can code the pure world.

"It's not that hard"

"It's not that hard"
This "that" means "so" or "very" ?

First step of Online lesson!

Yesterday, I tried Online English lesson.

I feel "DMM" is good, but "RareJob" is poor.

Operatino misstake of skype is terrible for online lesson.

You must be good at skyipe operatin before your first lesson.

Where is script

1. Drew's Script-O-Rama


2. SimplyScripts.com


3. Springfield! Springfield!



"it" and "that" to express human beings

(A) A baby is crying. It wants milk.
(B) Please call a doctor that speaks English.

Why do you use "it" and "that" to express human beings?

Because "It" and "that" mean no sex.
Is it the true reason?


long and boring job

I have read 425 simple English stories in 2days on the website "eslyes.com".

It was very long and boring job, but after that, my reading speed has been better.

I have decided to contonue this drill forever.


Bad habit when reading

My reading English speed is very slow.
Because I am apt to look back words or sentencies passed.
That is bad habit, isn't it?
Such reading style makes listening bad too!.
Listening needs high speed understanding.
I must read English book without looking back.
I decided to read huge amount of EASY books.

(For example, OXFORD BOOKWORMS,ESLYES.com etc.)


reducing fluency of mother language

If you don't use language, fluency will be reduced.
That is true even with mother language.

Is it true?

shake hand

"Shake hand" means grip hands each other and shaking up and down?
Is it smart manner?. Grip hand without shaking is better,isn't it?
I think "Shake hand" is bad expression.


Gentle sunlight comes through many leaves and touch me.

A small rest during rain.

I like english. Because three reason exist.

I like English. Because three reason exist.

1st: No language rule exists about man or female.It is very easy for us.

2nd: You only need few letters,A~Z,a~z,0~9 and etc. to express everything.

3rd: Polite saying is able without difficult words.

Ubuntu16.04, re install

①google chrome: NSSが古いとか言われたら・・・

 sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libnss3



③VLC install & 市販DVD再生

 sudo apt install libdvd-pkg
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg
 sudo apt-get install vlc

④skype install
www.skype.com/en/get-skype/ で、.DEBファイルをDL。(.RPMファイルはNG)
skypeforlinux-64.debが”ダウンロード”にDLされる。 (UBUNTUはデビアン系列なので)

sudo apt install apt-transport-https
curl https://repo.skype.com/data/SKYPE-GPG-KEY | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb https://repo.skype.com/deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/skypeforlinux.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install skypeforlinux



I am Japanese living in Japan.

I am Japanese living in Japan.
English is not necessary for daily life at all.

Total amount of English words I use is very poor.
I must use these more and more.


Gmail as cloud

Gmail as cloud

I can accses to the same text file with・・・
Windows10,UBNTU,and smartphone.

I can do not only reading, but also writing.

VOICE TUBE (smartphon APP)

movie (english voive) + script (english + japanase)



(Inrtoducing myself)

1, name/ age
2, job
3, hobby
4, purpose of studying english

"Nice to meet you.
My name is S.M, 61 years old.
Just call me syoball. "

"I am (my job). "

"I enjoy playing golf and cokking"

"Because I want to broaden my world."
"Because I want to get information in English"

(Question and order to teacher)

"What’s the difference between A and B?"

"Could you tell me what it is?"

"What did you just say?"

"Could you go over it again?"

"Could you explain why the answer is like that?"

"What should I do with this?"

"I have no idea what to do."

"It’s hard to put into words..."

"How do you spell it?"

"How do you pronounce it?"

"I can’t think of a good answer."

"Could you type that word into the chat box?"

"Let me write down that word."

"Let me write down what I learned just now."


long sentences (R)

Although it seems possible to express it by a series of short sentences, I would like to be able to make long sentences like native.





New pillow

I bought a new pillow.
It has enough hight, so I can sleep right or left shoulder on the bed.
My old pillow didn't have enough height.
It gave me neck pain because on which I can't turn my head freely.
Old pillow has been ANZU's bed since last night.
ANZU is my pet dog.

google 翻訳してみると・・・






これをgoogle 翻訳すると・・・

New pillow

I bought a new pillow.
The pillow has sufficient thickness, and it can sleep sideways.
My old pillow was not thick enough, so I could not turn smoothly.
That old pillow turned bedding of "Anzu" from last night.
"Anzu" is my dog.

How to stop alcohol

In the late 2017, I suffered from arhythmia.
I saw heart doctor, he gave me advice.
Alcohol is the one of strong trigger to arrhythmia.
I stopped drinking alcohol, next day, amount of arrhythmia is reduced.
Now, I don't feel my heart beat problem.

Do I have alcohol abuse?
I have been drinking for over 40 years almost every night.
I found I can sleep well without alcohol!.
Alcohol disturbs my natural sleeping rather.




Mr.Abedeath gave me syoball picture

"Dreaming syoball"

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