Disuse atrophy

Disuse atrophy will occur everywhere of your bodies....

trouble list

##trouble list of me##1) left knee joint pain : improved.2) neck pain : improved.3) left finger joint trouble: post surgical.4) gout : silent.5) arythmia: improved.6) hypertension :controling with drug.7) sleep apnea : helped by CPAP.8) obesity : bad control.9) alcohol : good friend10) hyperlipidemia : not improved.##summary## I am so healthy! isn't it ?...

wire removal plan

I have been surgically operated into my left hand a week ago.I'll be removed surgical fine wires from my left palm skin, in afternoon today.It is happy to me....

Risk factors of PVCs

Risk factorsThe following stimulants, conditions and triggers may increase your risk of premature ventricular contractions:Caffeine, tobacco and alcoholExerciseHigh blood pressure (hypertension)AnxietyUnderlying heart disease, including congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart failure and a weakened heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)#I have meny risk factot!...

Chest dyscomfort has been reduced, but still exists

I have arythmia due to PVCs since last December.Chest dyscomfort has been reduced, but still exists.Heart doctor recomended me to get off weight and to controll the blood pressure.He said aerobic exercize is not bad....

After finger joint surgery, five days passed.

After finger joint surgery, five days passed.When cooking or taking bath, I had to protect wound.I put on cotton glove for mechanical shock absorbing.I put on rubber glove for waterproof over cotton glove.No problem has happened yet. It is lucky to me....

PVC (normal heart)

https://www.cardiachealth.org/palpitations/exercise-pvcs/Most patients with PVCs and otherwise normal heart function, a normal EKG and echo don’t need treatment, other than perhaps a beta blocker to reduce their frequency, and are thus perfectly safe to exercise....

New pillow

I bought a new pillow.It has enough hight, so I can sleep right or left shoulder on the bed.My old pillow didn't have enough height.It gave me neck pain because on which I can't turn my head freely.Old pillow has been ANZU's bed since last night.ANZU is my pet dog.google 翻訳してみると・・・新しい枕私は新しい枕を買った。それは十分な高さを持っているので、私はベッドの右または左の肩を寝ることができ...

How to stop alcohol

In the late 2017, I suffered from arhythmia.I saw heart doctor, he gave me advice.Alcohol is the one of strong trigger to arrhythmia.I stopped drinking alcohol, next day, amount of arrhythmia is reduced.Now, I don't feel my heart beat problem.Do I have alcohol abuse?I have been drinking for over 40 years almost every night.I found I can sleep well without alcohol!.Alcohol disturbs my natural sleep...

Last night, I got no alcohol

I was suffered from heart problem yesterday.Last night, I got NO alcohol!.I got up this morning, the bad feeling of heart has gone.My heart beated almost regular rhythm.I took off lot of snow before breakfast.I have been getting up to my office.No discomfort exists on my heart.Alcoho drinking may be main reason of the heart problem.I must stop alcohol drinking for my health....


I am going to get more and more bodyweight day by day.I hate checking my body weifght.I am going to be like bigball.I think every night ALCOHOL makes me fatty.Is my heart trouble is result of obesity?I must stop drinking.#please correct my english....

Irregular heart beat

I feel my heart beats are irregular since yesterday.I must visit to heart clinic tomorrow.I made a reservaiton at afternoon tomorrow by internet.#Native American corrected these sentences as follow.I feel like my heart beats has been irregular since yesterday.I must visit the heart clinic tomorrow.I made a reservation on the internet for tomorrow afternoon.#"Hello Talk" is useful site very much!...

My bad posture caused my neck pain.

My shoulders and head are setted in front of spinal bone.This posture is never healthy.The heavy head extends neck and back muscles while all day long.So I feel dull pain in the back everyday.Fatigue of these mucles had came into limit.Sharp and strong neck pain started after sneezing.I think that the posture is important for healthy life.There is no pain today!!...

neck pain and motion sequence

The neck pain exists even now.It becomes bad when I roll on bed.But today I got good idea to roll without neck pain.What idea did I get?It is the Feeing of abdominal muscles working, neck muscles resting. When if I want to roll myself on the bed, I should move lower limb to roll the body....

the neck pain

My neck pain is going out of me.Slight dull pain remains still, I can turn my body on a bed today. Healthy phisical condition is very essential to do any action....

The neck pain

My neck pain is going to be some better than yesterday'one.I saw the orthopedic surgent.The dr said to me, "your pain has to disaperes for 2 or 3days from onset."...

suddon onset neck pain!

I have neck pain at left side from this motning.It is sharp and severe.It started suddenly at just timing when I sneezed.My wife & doughter gave me a lovely item.It is neck holder looks like tire-tube.It push up my heavy head.So I feel the pain is smaller than morning one.I love my family....






























Mr.Abedeath gave me syoball picture

"Dreaming syoball"

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