Wedges are, of course, irons. But wedges are often talked about separately, placed in their own category, because they are specialized irons.When talking about the category of wedges, most golfers mean the gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Although a pitching wedge has "wedge" in its name, it is usually grouped with the other irons. This is because a typical, off-the-shelf set of irons for sale...

The science of sleep

We spend a third of our lives doing it.Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher got by on four hours a night.Thomas Edison claimed it was waste of time.Why do we sleep?So why do we sleep? This is a question that has baffled scientists for centuries and the answer is, no one is really sure. Some believe that sleep gives the body a chance to recuperate from the day's activities but in re...



Two tips for better chipping contact

#チップを確実にするスキルって文章を英語の勉強がてら読んでみる(笑)By Rick SessinghausThe chip shot might seem like a simple motion, so why do so many golfers complicate it with added movements? I'll address that here by taking a look at the two biggest faults related to hitting crisp chips: weight distribution and forward wrist position at impact. 1.Right-Foot-Back DrillI teach my students to p...

Why You Need a Lob Wedge

WEB上で英文読むのって、便利ですね~。紙の辞書ひく手間がいらない!。これってけっこう素晴らしいことだと思います。それに、WEB上の辞書を参照するたびに、用例読んで無限に脱線できる(笑)。これってゾクゾクしませんか。変態なのだろうか・・・・おおお!native?音声が例文を読み上げてくれちゃうのね。すごいぞ。By Dave Pelz, Technical and Short Game Consultant, GOLF MagazinePublished: Friday, December 01, ...


・といっても、辞書の例文を読むだけですけどね。・たとえば、smile を引いてみると・・・Fortune has smiled on him at last. 彼にもとうとう運が向いてきた.などとある。I wish Fortune will smile on me!だな(笑)これで合ってるのかな?・・・英語、面白いような気がする・・・・#今は、ネットで英和辞書が充実してますからね~わくわく。#裁縫もいいが、こっちも楽しいかもしれない!...






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